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A Kentucky Tradition
Foxhunting in England was dealt a serious blow when parliament voted to force all live hunts to become drag hunts.

Falsely disguised as animal welfare legislation the ban will have the opposite effect.

Foxes will have to be shot and poisoned, as they have no natural predator and pose a threat to farms and livestock. Live hunting allowed the young and strong foxes to survive proliferating the breed and ensuring its future. Smaller hunts that have folded, unable or unwilling to adapt to drag hunting, have left many hounds and horses without the means to earn a living.

The tragedy is immense, so many wonderful hound bloodlines will be forever lost. Foxhunting will continue in England, but perhaps on a much smaller scale and without the integrity of great sport.

The Iroquois Hunt membership encourages everyone to join the Master of Foxhounds Association of America, www.mfha.org, and the United States Sportsman's Alliance, www.ussportsmen.org, because they proactively counter anti-hunting movements in the United States by addressing misinformation and propaganda. Anti-hunting activists are emboldened by their success in England, and they are already positioning themselves to push for anti-hunting legislation in America.

About the Iroquois Hounds

English Kennels Overview
The Iroquois Hunt has drafted many hounds from England. Here are some pictures taken while visiting England to look at hounds.

Bicester Hounds

Cottesmore Hounds

Cottesmore Hounds on the way to hound walk

North Cotswold Hounds

North Cotswold Hounds

Cottesmore Pups

Neil Coleman, Huntsman Cottesmore


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