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Iroquois Hounds
English foxhound bloodlines trace back as far as the early 1700's.

Foxhounds in England have been very carefully bred for centuries.

Specific bloodlines that were successful were preserved and documented over hundreds of years.

In the 1990's, bloodlines were introduced from England, Wales, Ireland, Canada and other hunts in the US This introduction of new hounds has provided the Iroquois Hunt with a faster, stronger pack with a greater stamina for the coyote.

About the Iroquois Hounds

Walker Hounds, native to Kentucky, were used by the Iroquois Hunt until the late 1940's when the Murphy family was hired to manage the hound program. They bred English bloodlines (Fox River Valley) into the pack. In the 1960's, American (Essex) bloodlines were introduced to the pack. And in the 1980's Crossbred (Midland) and American (Orange County) were introduced.

In the 1980's, coyote moved into the Iroquois Hunt country to compete with the fox for food and territory.

The coyote being much larger, faster and more aggressive than the fox won out for dominance of the territory. This change in quarry necessitated additional bloodlines be brought into the Iroquois pack to provide the hunting skills needed to compete with the coyote.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Iroquois imported English foxhounds to acquire their bloodlines to produce biddable hounds and provide an out-cross for breeding.

After years of visiting England to look at hounds in search of a bloodline that would produce the physical and mental attributes to show great sport hunting coyotes, Iroquois Masters zeroed in on the Cottesmore "ST" line and imported a hound called Statesman from the Cottesmore hunt in England.

Statesman had the drive, speed and perseverance to hunt coyote and the conformation to cover many miles with ease. Statesman also proved to be a valuable stallion hound.

The Iroquois Hounds have also performed well in show competitions, having taken numerous honors at the Mid-America, Virginia and Canadian Hound Shows.


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