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Purina - the Best Dog Food

Eddie Wiley with Purina-Mid-America
Hound Show Sponsor

After several years of trying to find the best and most affordable dog food, now IHC feeds only Purina.

Kennel staff noted that upon switching to this food, the waste they pick up each day was reduced by more than half.

The nutrients are being absorbed, and the hounds stay healthier and look better than ever before.

Eddie Wylie is our local Purina representative and he regularly visits the kennel to check on the hounds. This last year, Purina was a sponsor of the Mid-America hound show. We asked Eddie to tell us about his philosophy for feeding foxhounds.

Here are his comments.

You (Iroquois Hunt) use the product and Lilla that's what I'm here for-to sponsor and promote. I love to promote and give to the foxhound world and dog world, because that's my job. That's my livelihood. Whether it's the Mid-America or whatever, there is a lot of foxhound (people) that have switched and are feeding our product and support get's support. And the reason why the Mid-America get's support is mainly because of Jerry Miller and the Iroquois hounds, because they do support us. And I'm just glad to be a part of it and I'm glad to give. That's what I'm here for. That's what I want to do. I'm glad to give and glad to be here. You all include me is so much. It makes me glad to be here.

A lot of them (other hunts) are stuck on protein, 30% protein, 20% fat, but you can have all the protein and fat you want to in dog food or horse food or whatever kind of food. If it's not digestible, it does your animal no good. And then we have a lot of people that feed inferior food. And just because the numbers are on the bag, they think they are feeding the proper diet for the animal.

And you know we can go get the calories and sugars and everything in a human diet and still not be eating the right thing. And a lot of the dog people are doing the same thing. But you know, having a quality product and working for a quality company, not because I work for Nestle-Purina, but because they do have good products. And the biggest thing is they come and ask me about it, because they've seen the Iroquois hounds or seen another kennel that's feeding our product. And they wonder -I'm feeding more protein or fat than they are but their dogs look better. But they aren't feeding digestible protein and digestible fat.

The types of fat, the types of protein and how it's cooked. Sorta like a raw onion and a cooked onion. A lot of people can eat cooked onions, but they can't eat raw onions. Because it's cooked, it's ready for your body to digest. It's cooked and put together properly. If food is not cooked and put together properly, then when it goes through, you get nothing out of it. But if it's cooked, sorta like an ear of corn. Cornbread, you will never see cornbread go through your system but you will see corn. Same product. It's how it's cooked and put together and ready for the dog to digest. You need to make it readily available and if it's not you get nothing out of it. If you put in a quart and get a quart, what have you done? You've done nothing.

But, through education and a lot of people the lack of education, it's sorta like anything else-driving a race car or selling insurance or anything else. You've got to be educated. You need to know what you are talking about. You need to have a good product. Lot of people are in the dog food business, not in the animal care business. This is Purina pet care, not Purina dog food business. That makes a lot of difference. You can talk to the people, it's not hard to change them. But some people are not going to change. They are doing it the way grandpa did it and I use the example sometimes -I'm glad if I have a heart attack, they don't operate on my like they did grandpa. Now they take you in, fix five valves, stand you up and walk you and send you home. And the dog foods are the same way.

When a lot of these people started in dogs, the quality of dog food was not there like it is now. They fed a lot of carcass, a lot of meat. Everybody thinks-use meat for 100% protein. We can do that but how high is meat today? We'd be talking about $3.00 a pound dog food. You gotta use some other things. Corn, soy beans and things like that are very important in an animal's diet, very important in our diet. A lot of people think - oh corn - and they want all meat. They want 100% protein meat. What can you buy that uses all meat that wouldn't cost $2.00 or $3.00 a pound?"


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