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A Kentucky Tradition
The Iroquois hounds are kept in groups of their own choosing. Those that get along well with each other, live together. Iroquois kennel staff watch the hounds closely and know which hounds have friends they like to be with. This eliminates any problems with hounds fighting for dominance.
IHC - Community Involvement

Helping Save Lives of Cancer Patients
Scientists at the University of Tennessee and the University of Wisconsin are using the Iroquois hounds to support a study on the effectiveness of a newly developed vaccine for Blastomycosis.

Small children who have cancer and need bone marrow transplants can get Blasto and it is fatal. The fungus is indigenous to the Ohio Valley area. Hounds can also contract the disease but survive it with treatment.

Because we keep hounds for their whole life and maintain detailed health records on generations of dogs, our kennel provides a unique opportunity for research. This is being done at no cost to the IHC.

Mary Moraja sent in a very good article on Blastomycosis that was in a past issue of Dog Fancy magazine. In a question and answer format the article explained how to protect a dog from getting Blast, and talked about the symptoms.


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