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A Kentucky Tradition
Do you know why we use the coops between fence lines in pastures?

A cow will jump a vertical fence while they will avoid a coop!

About IHC Hunting - Hunt Country

IHC Land
There is no greater group of sportsmen and women to be found in all this land than those who live in the Iroquois Hunting country. It is only because of the courtesy and cooperation of the farmers, landowners, tenants and the storekeepers in the area that the hunt actually exists.

The country over which the Iroquois Hunt rides is composed of property owned by more than a hundred landowners. Each one of these farmers owns the land for the purpose of raising crops or livestock. Unless extreme caution is exercised by the ones who are privileged to hunt over the area, it is not at all unlikely to have valuable hunting country closed because of the careless act of a thoughtless individual. For this reason, it becomes the duty of each person who rides with the Iroquois Hunt to realize their responsibility to the many landowners over whose land the hunt rides and to exercise at all times the utmost care, consideration and acknowledge their presence with a wave of the hand and a smile.

Typical fences you will see during a hunt average three ft to three ft, 3 inches. Although there are one or two larger fences, the hunt makes an effort to keep every fence inviting and safe for all involved.

Typical coop fence one can expect to see during the course of a hunt. Note that there is usually a gate next/near every jump so that the Hill Toppers may keep up.


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