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Iroquois Ally & Stately
The Mid-America Hound Show is the regional hound show for the Midwest.

The Iroquois hounds also occasionally travel to the Virginia, and Canadian Hound Shows.

Visit the Masters of Foxhounds Association website at www.mfha.org and click on "calendar" for dates of all the foxhound shows in America.

About the Iroquois Hounds

Past Champions Overview
The Iroquois Hunt breeds hounds for their performance in the hunt field. Masters often invite other foxhound breeders to come look at the hounds and give their opinion about what strengths and weaknesses they see in new puppies. They may also look at the older hounds and give opinions and advice about possible stallion hounds and brood bitches.

Another way to evaluate the conformation of the hounds is to take them to hound shows and see how experienced judges evaluate their conformation and movement.

Below are some of the Iroquois hounds that were Champions in the show ring. Click on each hound to view their photo and see their accomplishments in the ring.

Iroquois Alternate '97

Champion Crossbred Hound
Canadian Hound Show

Iroquois Arnold '94

Champion English Dog
Mid-America Hound Show

Iroquois Farmer '93

Best Stallion Hound
Best Entered English Dog Hound
Mid-America Hound Show
Virginia Hound Show

Iroquois Label '94

Champion Crossbred Hound
Mid-America Hound Show

Iroquois Gloucester '99

Best Unentered English Hound
Virginia Hound Show
Mid-America Hound Show

Iroquois Stalker

Iroquois Nitro '92

Champion Crossbred Doghound
Mid-America Hound Show

Iroquois Peony

Champion English Foxhound
Mid-America Hound Show

Iroquois Spicer '94

Grand Champion Foxhound of Show
Mid-America Hound Show
Best Entered Crossbred Dog Hound


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