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IHC Kennel
Michael Edwards takes care of the 64 hunting hounds and 19 retired hounds living in the Iroquois kennel. Here is an example of a typical day in the kennel this time of year.

About the IHC Kennel

Daily Routine

8:00 am
Begin feeding hounds
Medicate as necessary with a visual health check on each hound, checking for signs of heat in bitches
Turn out kennel groups in woods or paddock for 1-2 hour rotations
Pick up waste in each run, sweeping up straw in winter
Clean and fill water tanks in each run
Spray out all kennels

Address any repairs in the kennel, weed eat, and mow
Work with unentered hounds (biscuit catching, leash training, verbal commands, etc.)
Refill water tanks as needed
Feed hounds that need more, according to fitness needs
Medicate and do a second visual health check



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