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IHC Kennel
Michael Edwards takes care of the 64 hunting hounds and 19 retired hounds living in the Iroquois kennel. Here is an example of a typical day in the kennel this time of year.

About the IHC Kennel

Daily Routine

8:00 am
Pick up waste in each run, and do a head count.
Fill Water tanks.
Medicate hounds and do a visual health check on each hound.
Feed all hounds.
Spray out all kennels.
Walk out new litter of puppies (4 months old).
Walk out unentered hounds.

1:00 p.m.
Turn groups out in the woods or paddock for a 2 hours rotation.
Medicate and do a second visual health check.
Clean runs again.
Address any repairs in the kennel, weed eat, and mow.
Fill water tanks.
Walk out entered hounds.


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