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IHC - Kennel Photo Gallery

Kennel Photo Gallery
Iroquois Hunt prides itself in having one of the best hound programs in the United States. Hound welfare is at the core of every decision made regarding finances, nutrition and safety in the hunt field. For example, Iroquois was the first pack hunt to adopt the policy that every hound must wear a tracking collar on hunt days. Any hound that gets separated from the pack, hurt or trapped by natural terrain can be found quickly by the signal emitted from their collar. Iroquois is the first hunt to create a non-profit Hound Welfare Fund that supports the retired hounds until the natural processes of aging ends their life. Leading by example, Iroquois hopes to continue finding ways to improve the welfare of all hunting hounds in America.

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Hound Walk Photo Gallery
In the early summer, Iroquois staff walk out hounds on foot in small groups, slowly mixing puppies in with older hounds. This helps the puppies learn commands and discipline as they get more one-on-one attention. As they gain confidence and understanding, more older hounds are mixed in with them and the groups get bigger.

Hounds and puppies are loaded in the trailer and taken to walk in big open cattle fields, occasionally stopping to swim and cool off in ponds or creeks. In mid-summer, hounds will continue to be walked on foot, but whips will come on horseback. This allows the puppies a gentle introduction to horses.

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