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A Kentucky Tradition
Iroquois Hunt Club members and their guests enjoy the historic atmosphere at the Grimes Mill clubhouse for many special occasions. Besides the monthly dinners, annual events are held at the Mill to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day.

On the first Saturday in November the Annual Blessing of the Hounds Ceremony is held in the morning, a traditional and formal meet held at the historic Grimes Mill clubhouse.

The Iroquois Hunt is also committed to bringing more children into the hunt field by offering summer rides with the hounds. Please contact the hunt for more information about children's rides. Attendance is not limited to IHC members!

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Iroquois Hunt Celebrates the Traditional Blessing of the Hounds

Lilla S. Mason 859-421-6987  www.iroquoishunt.com


Blessing of the Hounds, November 2, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.

The Reverend Charles Ellestad of St. Hubert's Episcopal Church,  will officiate the event blessing the spectators, hounds, horses, coyotes and lastly the riders dressed in formal hunting attire.

The picturesque ceremony follows the tradition of honoring St. Hubert, the patron saint of hunting.  The Iroquois Hunt is an integral part of the  farming community in Fayette and Clark counties serving to assist landowners in protecting their house pets and cattle from keeping them from forming packs and becoming emboldened around livestock.

The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes and ends as the riders mount their horses and move off with the hounds to begin the hunt. A quartet of musicians playing french horns providing music before and after the ceremony for the many farmers, neighbors and members of the public who attend each year.

Take Athens Boonesboro or Old Richmond Road to 7250 Grimes Mill Road.


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For clubhouse events, please RSVP by noon the preceding Thursday, unless otherwise stated. To leave reservations call (859) 263-5482.


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