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A Kentucky Tradition
For more than 100 years, Kentuckians have followed hounds after foxes -- and, more recently, coyotes -- in a sport that is steeped in tradition. The Iroquois Hunt Club, located on the Fayette-Clark County line, begins its formal hunt season each fall with the Blessing of the Hounds ceremony, performed by the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington
IHC - Newsletters

Below are links to IHC newsletters. You will be prompted for a password before the file opens.

February 2007 - Part 1 Part 2 (pdf)
Field Hunter Qualifier; Hunt Staff Christmas Fund Thanks; Farmers Picnic photos; Blessing Day photos; Centennial Celebration of Sporting Art & more.

October 2007 (pdf)
The Farmers Picnic; The Labor Day Ride & more.

February 2008 - Part 1 (pdf)
Payton - Centennial Foxhound; Blessing Day 2007 photos; Hunt Staff Christmas Fund Thanks & more.

February 2008 - Part 2 (pdf)
Nominations to IHC Board; New members; Animal Rights; A Mid Season Hound Walk & more.

September 2006 (pdf)
Brief Description: Getting Ready for Hunt Season, Fixture Card Preview and MFHA Centennial.

August 2006 (pdf)
Brief Description: MFHA Centennial, 2006 Entries and IHC Newsletter Staff Information Requests.

April 2006 (pdf)
Brief Description: Blessing Day & Hunter Pace and Races.

November 2005 (pdf)
Brief Description: Clearing Hunt Country, Farmers Picnic Photos & Iroquois History.

August 2005 (pdf)
Brief Description: Fitness Schedule, Remembering Pat Murphy, July 4th Photos & Memorial Day Photos.

May 2005 (pdf)
Brief Description: Mid-America Hound Show Results & Photos, MFHA Support, Hunter Pace and Races Photos, IHC Hunt Staff, Kennelman's Award & New Board Members.

February 2005 (pdf)
Brief Description: Conservation Award, MFHA, Blessing Photos, Sense of Smell, Neighborhood Rescue, Mid-America Hound Show & Thanksgiving Photos.

October 2004 (pdf)
Brief Description: Blessing & Ball, Hunt Seminar with Photos, Kennel Visits, Clearing Hunt Country, Calling Off Hunts & Farmers Picnic Photos.

September 2004 (pdf)
Brief Description: Hound Show Results, Pool Photos, Puppy Auction Winners, New Members, Kennel Visits with Photos & Pilates for Riders.

April 2004 (pdf)
Brief Description: Annual Meeting, MAHS Volunteers Needed & Hunter Pace Results with Photos.

March 2004 (pdf)
Brief Description: MFHA Biennial Hunt Staff Seminar, Hound Obituaries, Valentine Wine Tasting, Pet Parade Photos & February Foxhunting Photos.

January 2004 (pdf)
Brief Description:Letter from Dennis Foster, IHC Whips & Hunting on Foot with Photos.

November 2003 (pdf)
Brief Description: High Definition Filming, Puppy Auctions Results, Iroquois Video, Blessing Day Photos

October 2003 (pdf)
Brief Description: Blessing & Ball, Guest & Groom Hunting Information, New Entry & First Aid Kit Items

September 2003 (pdf)
Brief Description: Autumn Hunting, Rider's Checklist, Making the Hunt Country Safe, Youth Trail Ride and Kennel Visit Photos & Farmer's Picnic Photos.

August 2003 (pdf)
Brief Description: Hounds Give to Community, July 4th Photos & Catlow Award.

June 2003 (pdf)
Brief Description: Mid-America Hound Show, HWF Raffle, Easter Photos & Trail Ride Photos.


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