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IHC - Hunt Country Videos

Most of the jumps in the IHC hunt country are coops. There are also some stone walls and plank fences. Landowners allow the hunt to put the jumps in their fence lines so riders can follow the hounds. The placement of each jump is carefully thought out with first consideration given to the landowner and their stock. This video shows a few of the hunt jumps and may give the viewer an idea of what it is like to jump them. A special thanks to all the IHC hunt country landowners who so graciously allow us to build jumps on their land.

SouthDraw The Miller Trust Farm, in the southern end of the hunt country, is the most densely wooded part of the Iroquois territory. The hounds seem to vanish in the trees until they find a line and their shrill cry echoes, allowing the huntsman and field members to follow them by sound. This video shows what it is like to ride down the draw on the south side of the Miller Trust Farm. Special thanks to the farm owners for allowing Iroquois members to ride on their land during hunt season.

Summer Houndwalk In the early summer, the unentered puppies are taken on their own daily houndwalk with one or two older hounds. During this time, they learn their name, and they also learn to stay with Shannon Cline,full-time Kennelman, because it is fun. As you can see from this video the hounds love her. Puppies are walked out with bigger and bigger groups as the summer progresses.

A very special thanks to the owners of the old Point-to-Point course for allowing us to cross their beautiful farm during summer houndwalks and during hunt season.


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